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This web site has been designed to attempt to assist you with some of your insurance needs. The buttons to the left will link you to information about EASTERN IOWA MUTUAL and other sites that we think may be helpful to you.

Neighbor helping Neighbor

As you look at this web site, and are using the technology that we are using today, remember, there was a time when good neighbors were the most common form of insurance. In the event of a casualty, you could always count on the folks next door. Neighbor helping Neighbor. It's an age old custom - - - and the spirit on which the mutual insurance industry was established here in Iowa over a century ago. Today when tragedy strikes, you can still rely on your neighbors - - - the folks here at EASTERN IOWA MUTUAL.

Neighbor or Stranger?

Your choice should be easy! When you're selecting a company to handle your insurance needs, remember your neighbors! Remember the folks at EASTERN IOWA MUTUAL. Why deal with strangers? Contact one of the area agents that represent EASTERN IOWA MUTUAL for your farm insurance needs. You will have the added benefit of working with an agent who understands your needs.

Re-invest in the State

EASTERN IOWA MUTUAL re-invests in the state of Iowa through local and municipal bonds. Grinnell Mutual MemberWe also give yearly donations to Fire Department Safety for Kids and other Iowa projects.

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